FireWorks Founder & Director opens up about the crazy past few weeks and how she's adapting to the "new normal".

By Kathy Lane

Founder & Director, FireWorks PR & Events

Three weeks ago, when the threats of the coronavirus started to escalate, we decided to get agile and get moving. Coming to the end of our office lease, we mobilised, organised and made shiz happen; selling off unneeded office furniture, setting up at home and preparing for a very new reality.

The uncertainty of our times at times, feels overwhelming even for the strongest and most resilient amongst us.

However, with one week down of our new arrangements, shifting the office back to my home and working remotely, I’m pretty delighted with the outcomes.

It’s the simple things. The internet and wifi work, even with the increased load. We managed to get rid of a lot of office junk and the rest fits into my shed. The little office set up at the front of the house for my team is cosy and pretty. My desk down the back of the house fills a formerly big space, making it feel more homely, according to my beautiful daughter. We have stocked up on essential oils for the office and our diffusers are lovely. The care packages of camel milk skincare I ordered for each of us have arrived and been distributed and they’re truly gorgeous. Zoom calls have proven to be the perfect solution to “forbidden” face to face meetings and remaining connected with our clients and business friends.


Yep, we’re forging on, not giving in.

Staying strong and positive.

We’ll announce our new client the minute the contract is signed but it’s a beauty. And the perfect product for these tricky times.

So what I’ve learnt in the past week is that not all is lost. Business is still operating where it can and we’re determined to stay part of it. Not just for ourselves, but for you too. There are opportunities. There’s lots of great information out there to help (thanks to our accountants, The Bourke Group, for their small business webinar last week). People are sharing and caring. There’s an opportunity to revisit our personal and professional ‘whys’ and reset our strategic intent. And my inbox has slowed down which has given me a chance to take some big, deep breaths, take the foot off the pedal a little, think and reset.

And I’m loving sitting outside with a glass after the day and listening to the children playing over the back fence. And appreciating colour and nature.

I’ve decided not to live in fear, but to live in HOPE.

Meditating, breathing deeply, taking each day as it comes and celebrating the little things. Looking up.

And things will look up even though it all feels overwhelming and uncertain. It is. But I’m surrounded by a great team, a beautiful family and wonderful friends. For that I’m eternally grateful – way beyond this nasty beast.

Stay safe and connected. Connect with us if you need to. We have time.