what we do

The first question we ask a new client is ‘how does success look’? Once we have an understanding of that, we work hard and smart to deliver. And deliver we do. A proven track record of developing strong relationships and delivering beyond client expectation underpins all that we do. Throw in a healthy dose of strategy, planning, creativity and experience and FireWorks offers the perfect mix for success. Our core business values of care, pride, integrity, connection and fun mean that we take every task seriously and still manage to feel the joy along the way. And who doesn’t need some joy in their lives?

public relations & communications

We have a nose for news. We understand the media and what makes them tick. And we can write and pitch compelling tales, all with excellent spelling and grammar. Tick.

event concept, management and implementation

Planning an event can be a mammoth task and sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands to help. We can assist with any or every step of the way from brainstorming, planning, putting it all together or running the show.

media releases and sampling

Whether wine, food, cookbooks or anything else, we can create a memorable and impactful sampling experience by communicating the story and sending the goods. We deliver the goods.

sponsorship management

Undertaking a sponsorship is one thing but making sure that benefits are delivered and leveraged is quite another. Another benefit of working with us.

social media strategy & development

You only have one shot to show yourself off to the world, so let us help you do it properly and effectively. We'll help you build a brand profile, identify key messaging, people and develop campaigns and content to get your business out there.

social media content creation & management

Once we have developed your social media persona & strategy, we will put it to work! Allow us to create and schedule your social media content and manage it for great results.

strategy and innovation

Thinking big and keeping up with the trends. Staying current and relevant. That’s us.

analytics and reporting

It’s vital for clients to see the return on their investment. We tailor our reporting to suit clients’ needs. Open, honest and transparent.

administration support

We can be your coalface or assist as a one off. We have the skills and experience to support any task.