Intrigue Summit: Feb 2019

Team FireWorks attended the Intrigue Summit at the MCG in February to learn about the latest industry tips and tricks. We can't wait to pass on our new found knowledge onto our clients.

We are so lucky to be in an industry that is always evolving… there is something new to learn everyday!

With the rapid advances in technology, team FireWorks is constantly looking for ways to educate ourselves on the latest tip, trick or app to get our clients ahead of the game.

Our hunger for learning and development lead us to the MCG in late February for the Intrigue Summit: A digital marketing summit jam packed with industry professionals sharing their knowledge with the audiences.

Majority of the day was keynote speakers and panel discussions about where marketing was, is currently placed and most importantly the future.

Let us share a little tip with you: always be authentic. Be true to yourself and true to your brand. Without a solid understanding of what you are and what you are trying to achieve, you won’t be able to effectively communicate your brand with potential customers and clients and unable to build trustworthy B2C relationships.

As for the rest of what we learnt? You’ll have to call us and find out!

We cannot wait to implement some of these new strategies into campaigns and plans for our clients.  

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