The Cookie Box

Melbourne's First Chunky Cookie Store is HERE!

Take a bite into the best news ever... Melbourne's first chunky cookie shop opened their doors to customers in February 2020!

FireWorks PR & Events is thrilled to be representing 'The Cookie Box' as they make their move from Perth to Melbourne.

The Cookie Box was established by Rod & Gabi in Perth in 2017.

The couple, who are originally from Brazil, have a vast range of hospitality experience that they picked up working in various restaurants, bars and food outlets around the world. The pair met in 2011 and together opened a Gelato Shop in their hometown of São Paulo in 2013. It was at the Gelato Shop that Rod and Gabi had the opportunity to get creative and explore their passion for great food and great customer service.

They developed all the Gelato recipes themselves and eventually, began experimenting with baked goods which is where their cookies came to life. At first, the cookies were baked at the back of the Gelato shop to be served with the Gelato. They were made (and still are) with the best ingredients available.

In 2017, they sold the Gelato Shop and moved to Perth. When they realised there was a gap in the market for high quality chunky cookies, they launched The Cookie Box. They trialled their new business for six months of baking and selling the cookies online, before opening a store in Perth.

In search of a new challenge and opportunity to grow, they moved to Melbourne at the end of 2019 and re-opened The Cookie Box on Chapel Street, Windsor in 2020.

There are currently a range of mouthwatering cookie flavours on the menu, including vegan options. The Cookie Box have also expanded into desserts and beverages. 

FireWorks PR & Events was thrilled to help spread the word that the best cookies in town have officially arrived.

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