The Apple Press

The Apple Press

Looking for the world’s best apple juice? You cannot go past The Apple Press!

All the way from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, FireWorks PR is thrilled to welcome the World’s Best Apple juice to our shores and to our growing portfolio of clients.

The Apple Press is the brainchild of founder Ross Beaton, who has been growing and exporting apples across the world with his brothers for over three decades.

Despite his success, he was always searching for a better way to save the “ugly fruit” – over 13,000 tonnes of apples per year with scratches, blemishes, bruises that had that same delicious flavour but simply didn’t make the cut and went to waste.

He combined with food innovation specialist Sally Gallagher and together the pair wanted to find a way to prevent the waste.

After years of collaboration and planning, the pair released The Apple Press.

Just apples, cold pressed in a bottle. No added sugars preservatives… no nasties.

And even better, all the apples can be traced back to their original orchard!

In June 2019, The Apple Press landed in Australia and have brought FireWorks on board to help share the World’s Best Apple Juice with the whole country!

Available exclusively at Woolworths stores or online at, you can pick up The Apple Press in three varieties –JAZZ™, Pink Lady™ or Envy™. 1.5 litre bottles are available with a RRP of $6.50, with a handy sweet to tart metre on the side of the bottle to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

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