"Today is the beginning of my third week working from home and I have decided to use this time to explore things I love and induldge in "me time"." FireWorks Digital Communications & PR Coordinator Marnie Cohen is embracing change.

By Marnie Cohen

Digital Communication & PR Coordinator, FireWorks PR & Events

Today is the beginning of my third week working from home.

The concept is not completely foreign to me.

Over the past year and a bit, I have found myself working from home or a local coffee shop on the odd Friday here and there.

It was a novelty! Enjoying a small sleep in, having lunch at home with my mum and avoiding the Friday peak hour drive home, instead being on the couch, in a tracksuit and with a cup of tea by 5.05pm.

But this is different.

This is about re-adjusting, finding a new normal and supporting each other through an uncertain and difficult period.

I admit that the initial rush overwhelmed me slightly.

But I let adrenaline take over and lead the way.

I was on holiday over the Labour Day weekend and since returning to work on Wednesday, 11 March, our team has managed to sell off most of the office furniture, pack up what was left of Studio 115, move our stuff to Kath’s house, set up our new office, organise the South Melbourne office to be repainted, handed back the keys, re-route the mail, continue working AND secure a new piece of business.

How we did it? Honestly, I’m not sure as I’m exhausted just reading that.

I’d put it down to teamwork, determination, hustle and a bit of girl power. It’s how we roll.

I know many people have found the constant change of events daunting, overwhelming and at times a bit scary.

I’ve had my moments just like everyone else has.

But late last week I decided to take a step back, assess the situation as a whole and change my perspective.

This is an opportunity to work on myself, explore new things I love and apply that positivity to our “new” FireWorks business structure.

I am exercising two to three times a day – energising my mind, body and soul.

My new work uniform consists of activewear and tracksuits, along with the odd “nice top” when we have zoom meetings. But comfort is always the key.

I have time to cook myself yummy lunches everyday and eat them immediately, rather than leaving them in the fridge to tease me overnight!

My parents and brother are working from home, too, meaning I’m just a few footsteps away from some company, good advice, a laugh or a chat.

These are life’s simple pleasures; I am taking the opportunity to welcome them into my life, to appreciate and enjoy.

My usual life is so fast paced. I spend Monday to Friday in the incredible FireWorks office, I write a weekly column for a sports website on the side, I rush from back-to-back coffee dates to various appointments and always find time to watch my beloved North Melbourne play – be it at the games in Victoria, or on TV when the game is being played interstate.

So much to do that there’s barely any time left for me.

To be by myself to unwind.

To start a new TV show or sit in a hot bath for an hour without having somewhere else to be.

Of course, uncertainty is always scary, especially for someone who likes routine.

But I’m changing my perspective.

I’ve decided to embrace it.

To do everything I can during this period to contribute to our business.

To stay connected with Kath and Caz, as well as my partner who lives in Perth and my beautiful friends.

To explore new passions and hobbies that I may have neglected otherwise.

And most importantly, to pay attention to me.

Give myself time.

It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do.

Amazing what you can achieve when you accept the situation and allow yourself to just be.