The Gold Book by

Rob Geddes MW

Our Client:

Rob Geddes MW

Our Project:

Release of Australian Wine Vintages 2018 - The Gold Book by Rob Geddes MW

Our Assignment:

Rob Geddes MW is a professional wine reviewer, author, judge and consultant with more than 30 years’ experience in the Australian and international wine industries.  Admitted to the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine in 1992, Rob is the author of several wine books including Australian Wine Vintages (editions 26-35) and A Good Nose & Great Legs – the art of wine from the vine to the table. Our assignment was to create a compelling media release for both the consumer and trade markets distributed to targeted media distribution lists.  On the back of the releases, FireWorks PR followed up with book sampling and media pitching to gain exposure via interviews and reviews.

Our Success:

This was a short term project (6 weeks) and FireWorks PR created a tight and comprehensive PR  & Communications Plan.


Sky Business News with Ticky Fullerton

Noosa FM


Indulge Magazine

Queensland Magazines

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