Price Drop Campaign

Our Client:

Melbourne Airport Parking

Our Project:

Price Drop

Our Assignment:

The consumer perception is that the car parking at the Airport, although convenient, is expensive.

In an attempt to welcome Melburnians back through its boomgates, MAP introduced a 20 per cent price drop from March 1st and called on FireWorks to share the exiting news.

The time to re-establish and ‘humanise’ the Melbourne Airport Parking offer to encourage use was of key importance to the PR campaign. The story was to be a good news one, to set the positive platform for the roll out of the rebranding exercise being undertaken.

Through this campaign, FireWorks aimed to:

To build awareness of the 20% price drop from 1st March at MAP, highlighting the competitive nature of the MAP offering

Encourage trial and visitation thereby increase user numbers to win back market share

Our Success:



Channel 9  - Melbourne Nightly News Featured as promo prior to 6pm bulletin, in-bulletin promo for story ‘coming up’ and 1.50 minute positive story about the price drop.


3AW – News – price drop featured in 12 noon bulletin following general release distribution.

ABC774 Drive – with Raph Epstein. Interview with Lorie Argus about the price drop and its implications.  Also discussion re:greater infrastructure investment at Melbourne Airport.


Herald Sun –  ‘Airport Parking Turbulence Eased’ – Page 4.

The Sunday Age – Traveller –  ‘Making space for a price drop’.


Business Insider Australia – ‘Melbourne Airport is making its parking 20% cheaper’.

Herald Sun Online –  ‘Melbourne Airport slashes terminal parking fees by up to 20 per cent.

Travel Daily – ‘Cheap MEL Parking’.

Sunraysia Daily – ‘Parking Price Drop’.

Journeys to Come -  ‘Melbourne Airport slashes terminal parking charges, more improvements in the wings’.

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