Channel 31's Halliday Cellar Door Series

Our Client:

Australia's First Families of Wine

Our Project:

Channel 31's Halliday Door Series, Season Two


Our Assignment:

AFFW teamed up with Halliday Wine Companion and Channel 31 to feature in the network's next instalment of the Cellar Door Series.

The network, along with host Sally Stanton, visited each of the 12 wineries and conducted interviews with a number of family members and key winery personalities, visited the winery cellar doors and tasted a range of the best wines on offer. The result was six compelling episodes aired in November 2018.

Highly respected wine writer and critic, James Halliday also featured in the series. He introduced each of the families prior to their segments.

FireWorks worked closely with Channel 31 on behalf of the families for the project's entirety, ensuring smooth visits and successful vision.

After securing the opportunity, FireWorks was the liaison between the network and the wineries to lock in filming dates and talent. FireWorks had all details confirmed and recorded ensuring the production ran smoothly for both parties.

We continued working with Channel 31 and the wineries in post production to ensure every last detail was correct including titles, accurate information and appropriate promotion.


Our Success:

The second series of the Cellar Door was a great success, with the program repeated three times on Channel 31 and related channels in SA and WA. The program was also picked up by Foxtel and aired three times.

The program gave great insight into our families' history and legacy. Producers are in the process of taking the program potentially to other networks across Australia, internationally and in flight.

"During the production of the second series of one of our flagship programs The Cellar Door, the Channel 31 Production team had the pleasure of visiting all twelve of Australia’s First Families of Wine. Throughout the production of the 6-part TV series, not only were the locations stunning but the people were very hospitable, friendly and welcoming. In addition, working with Ruth, Marnie and Kathy at Australia’s First Families of Wine was a delight. We developed a working relationship with them that made the production and subsequent release of the series one of the highlights of 2018. We valued our time working with them and would look forward to any future opportunities to do so again." Shane Dunlop, Head of Production at Channel 31

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