Bridge Road Gathering After Dark

Our Client:

Bridge Road Main Street

Our Project:

Bridge Road Gathering After Dark

Our Assignment:

When the sun went down in May, FireWorks PR's latest event came to play. FireWorks worked alongside Bridge Road Marketing to bring the precinct to life via a food and drink festival.

Bridge Road was transformed into a foodie's dream after dark as food and wine establishments hosted specialised and themed gourmet tours, each guided by the event’s very own culinary guides.

The event, which has been running for four years, was designed to showcase a re-invented Richmond hotspot, from outlet fashion haven to one of Melbourne’s most vibrant and eclectic food scenes. FireWorks PR handled the first, third and fourth events.

FireWorks PR worked alongside Bridge Road restaurants and bars to develop the once in a lifetime food experience by putting together tastings, masterclasses and demonstrations that showcased what food and beverages Bridge Road has to offer.

Spread across two nights, each night featured two three-hour tours. Tour groups visited a total six restaurants and bars in what was the ultimate food lover experience.

Our Success:


Securing six live weather crosses to Channel 9 News, with Livinia Nixon on Monday 30 April.  They had audited ratings of 392,000 viewers for the afternoon bulletin (no. 5 most popular show) and 335,000 for last night’s 6.30pm bulletin, coming in at no.3.* (TV Tonight Ratings Website)


3AW with Denis Walter - Three interviews with traders from Bridge Road for his weekly ‘Meet the Chef’ segment.

ABC with Rafael Epstein - Foodie Tuesday.


The Age Spectrum Supplement –’Weekly Events’.

The Herald Sun Weekend – ‘Five Faves’.


Urban List Melbourne ’What’s On’ Section .

The Weekly Review – l ticket giveaway online.

Time Out Melbourne ’Things To Do’ Section.

Yarra City Council Website ’What’s On’ Section.

Social Media

Engagement with local influencers.

The Bridge Road message reached reached over 124,158 people and encouraged 2,200 engagements both organically and paid.

Production of eye catching Gifs to encourage engagement.

Production of share-worthy graphics designed for Facebook and Instagram.

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