The science behind the health benefits of camel milk that everyone needs to know!

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April 2020

Summer Land Camels, a working camel milk dairy farm just 45 minutes from Brisbane, produces high quality and magical milk from its herd of rescued camels. And now, more than ever, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing, the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting properties of camel milk are becoming a hot topic internationally.

Jeff Flood, co-founder of Summer Land Camels, has a medical background in biochemistry, physiological diagnostics and is an expert in nutritional immunotherapy. A strategic and disruptive thinker, Jeff longed to establish a camel milk dairy in Australia, employing best practice with a sustainable approach. Turning a problem (camels that would be culled inhumanely) into a solution – Australia’s first and now, largest commercial scale camel milk dairy and agri-tourism farm - became a reality over four years ago. Producing a range of award-winning innovative camel milk food and health products, Jeff has researched and produced a skincare range that offers the perfect solutions for our time; self-care that is underpinned by confidence and backed by science.

We are all now aware of the importance of washing our hands with soap to minimise the spread of COVID19 but with hand washing can come irritated and red hands, often with broken skin, giving the virus a doorway to our bodies. By utilising Summer Land Camel Milk Cleansing Bars when hand washing, a protective layer of immunity is delivered to our skin from the unique protein lactoferrin present in camel milk. In between washing, the Camel Milk Hand Cream consolidates the barrier created, helping to close the virus doorway.

Jeff explains, “Raw camel milk contains a unique lactoferrin with a powerful anti-viral action at least twice the power of cow, goat and even human breast milk. Camel milk lactoferrin supports our bodies’ defence systems to viruses in three ways:

1. Attaches directly to the virus’s glycoprotein spikes to prevent them attacking our cells
2. Alerts and supports our own innate immune system to destroy viruses
3. Protects our own body cells to prevent viruses entering and infecting our cells

So, whilst not claiming a ‘cure’, Summer Land Camel Milk Skincare products can definitely help create skin wellness and discourage infection. There is a solid and growing body of science revealing the efficacy of camel milk lactoferrin and immune proteins in supporting human health.”

“It’s important now, particularly when the market is flooded with bogus products claiming ‘cures’, that we make sensible choices in the products we are using and how we use them in these uncertain times,” Jeff went on. “At Summer Land Camels we’re working hard to stay ahead of curve. Summer Land Camels was founded to ensure Australian had access to the scientific benefits of camel milk and we’re happy to share our knowledge with the world from our farm in Queensland.”

A proudly Australian owned business, Summer Land Camel Milk skincare products are all natural, do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, sls, sulphates or synthetic fragrances. Made with quality essential oils and fresh camel milk, they are sustainable, ethical and the camels are pasture raised. No products are tested on animals and all packaging is recyclable. Summer Land Camels embody their owners’ vision authentically and with integrity.

The Summer Land Camel Milk range of skincare products are available online at; and at Terry White Chemmart; Blooms The Chemist and GoVita stores nationally.

Head to their website for more information about the skincare range, other camel milk products and the Summer Land Camel farm and agri-tourism experience.

Or watch Jeff’s presentation on how camel milk works against viruses at Landcamelfarm/videos/2298518763781329

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