about us

Conjure fireworks and what comes to mind? Think a carefully planned explosion that creates colour, energy, movement and memories. Fireworks create impact and so do we. Our name is no accident.

Thoughtful planning, creative thinking and impeccable implementation is how we deliver results for our clients. Working across a broad range of sectors, FireWorks PR & Events are a skilled team of professionals who are committed to the outcomes. And go above and beyond to achieve them.

We care about our clients because their success is our reward. And we work hard to build transparent and genuine relationships with all we meet: clients, suppliers, media, influencers, delivery drivers, restaurateurs, baristas, accountants, IT peeps, actually, everyone. It’s how we roll.

And our reputation often proceeds us, built up over fifteen years of good business and great results. Let’s call it goodwill.

Established by Kathy Lane in 2003, the business has stood the test of time and continues to create impact. We do great work for great people. Let us show you how.