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The view from our work experience intern, Jacob….


work experience


We have been lucky enough to have Year 10 student Jacob, with us all week.  It’s quite a responsibility taking on a young person and trying to engage them in the day to day workings of your business.  We tried our best and one of the provisos of Jacob’s week with us was that he wrote a little piece at the end of the week.  Here it is…..


For the majority of this week, Kathy has been kind enough to let me shadow her in most of her daily activities. It’s been a big learning experience all round. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people; I’ve done some work for some people that have opened my eyes to career paths I’ve quite possibly overlooked or never thought about. I had the chance to meet the people from companies and charities such as Five Creative and Brainwave, a couple of clients and even some of the people in the office building, all of whom are great people. It has been an amazing learning experience Kathy and I thank you immensely for allowing me to come and work under you this past week. I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed it.


So there you have it.  Seemed like he enjoyed his week as much as we enjoyed having him.  And it’s important that we engage with students, be transparent about what we do and hope that they gain some insight that helps to set them on their path……whether it’s PR or not!  Big thanks to Five Creative, Brainwave and Genero TV who spent some time with Jacob and shared the love.  We love them!