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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Let the culinary madness begin!


With the release of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival last Friday, our office became a flurry of mouse clicking and credit card flailing; foodies all desperate to snag a ticket to one of the incredible events in this year’s new and improved MFWF.

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We were no different rushing to the office clutching The Age dying to see how the booklet had turned out, scour the pages for our clients’ events….and then of course to get the red biro out and begin circling the ‘must go to’ events for us.

But before we get too caught up in the things we want to go to, we would like to give special mention to some of the amazing events our clients were lucky enough to get approved in this year’s festival.

Firstly – Charcoal Lane

Never ones to do things by halves the fantastic team at Charcoal Lane is part of four exciting events in this year’s festival schedule.

Designer Bites-  The team at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival has orchestrated this chance for your inner fashionista to shop your way through the trendy Gertrude Street precinct under the watchful gaze of the designers and events teams. But never despair, your rumbling tummy will be satiated too! You can shop and never drop because between every chic destination you can be replenished by one of several incredible culinary destinations – and one is our very own Charcoal Lane.

Next we have the now SOLD OUT – Tram Stop Dinner

Playing to the theme of ‘Earth’ this event sees the 86 tram helping you to really get to know your own global backyard. Taste world treasures in one evening as you journey through indigenous Australia (Charcoal Lane) to Japan (Pabu Sake and Grill), to a Spanish inspired cottage garden and pantry (Marmalade and Soul) and then to Italy (Mamma Vittoria). Each stop offers a vastly different taste of the earth, with a quirky tram journey thrown in.


Now another SOLD OUT Charcoal Lane event – Cooking With Native Produce Master Class

Ten lucky guests have the chance to learn the secrets of cooking with native Australian ingredients, matched with quality local produce. Learn why cooking with kangaroo is like no other meat (yet probably the easiest out there if you do it right), how to balance the strength of flavour found in native spice with delicate textures, and best of all how to turn a native ingredient into a mouthwatering sweet dessert!  An intimate setting and a hands on session – sure to be a beauty!

And if you missed out on any of these you can always come in and enjoy the MFWF ‘Resturant Express’ lunch being featured for the festival period – we have seen the menu and it is pretty impressive!


Now let’s take a drive down the Great Ocean Road to visit our special friends in Lorne!

This year the team at Lorne has gone back to basics to showcase what happens best in these beachside communities – and that is SEAFOOD!

The Rock Lobster: Lorne Style event see guests join in an elegant lunch by the beach. They will savour a feast from the rocks and soils of the Great Ocean Road. Think local wines, berries and of course – rock lobsters!! Get more details – here-

Some of our Australia’s First Families of Wine have also got exciting things happen at their own wineries throughout the festival period.  Tahbilk will have an amazing MFWF “Restaurant Express”  lunch available in the cellar door cafe– read all about it here –



DeBortoli is taking you up close and personal with the vines, getting guests down and dirty as they partake in a little piece of Vintage 2013.  Punters will help pick, sort and crush which will make washing up and sitting down to enjoy the traditional picker’s lunch even more incredible! Details here

With so many amazing options it is hard to decide just how best to plan your time to enjoy as many events as possible (and not blow that credit card bill too far out). The FireWorks team is excited to be heading to the World’s Longest Lunch event and a few other classes. If you see us about be sure to say hi!

What is your top pick for MFWF 2013? Let us know!!!