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Kirrily Waldhorn


Kirrily Waldhorn, Australia’s very own Beer Diva is a beer presenter, educator, consultant, writer and judge. With over 15 years of beery experience, she will certainly “knock your hops off” with her beer knowledge and expertise.

Since the beginning, Beer Diva has gained a reputation for providing unique beer related events. Heading up Beer Diva is Kirrily Waldhorn, Australia’s ‘first lady of beer’, who has an enormous passion for beer and is on a mission to make beer the new wine and to educate Australians about the benefits of pouring a fine brew – not a fine drop – at the dinner table. Kirrily is not your stereotypical beer presenter. She has appeared on radio, TV and in the press talking about everything from the ancient history of beer to beer gastronomy and busting beer myths. Kirrily has won over many foodies, sophisticates and women to the complexities and diverse styles of beer.

Kirrily has spent 15 years working in the beer industry.  She is the Editor of BeerStyle and former Editor of Beer & Brewer magazine.  Kirrily is also a beer judge and was invited to London to judge the Champion Beer of Britain and speak at The Great British Beer Festival. Kirrily also heads up the Australian arm of Barley’s Angels, an international organisation aimed at encouraging more women to appreciate good beer.  Kirrily is a keynote speaker at most of the Beer Festivals occurring in Australia and recently completed a 7-show run of ‘Beer Diva – Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy’, at The Sydney Opera House.

Her company, Beer Diva hosts events which have gained a loyal following and provide a unique and memorable experience for all of those who attend.  Kirrily, as The Beer Diva is thoroughly entertaining and “really knows her beer”.


To find out more about the Beer Diva visit: http://beerdiva.com.au/