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Kirrihill Wines

Understated wines that definitely over deliver from South Australia’s Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills, made by winemaker Hamish Seabrook

Working together since 2010, FireWorks PR & the beautiful Kirrihill Wines from South Australia’s Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills, make a fantastic team.

The Kirrihill team is a diverse, young and enthusiastic crew of winemakers, lead by the infamous winemaker, Hamish Seabrook. The people matched with their dedication to producing quality wines and innovation in the industry is what gives Kirrihill their edge and point of difference to make a mark on the huge wine industry.

Kirrihill invests time and money in the very best technology, machinery and labs so that they are able to test their grapes throughout the year and discover which is the very best time to pick the perfect fruit, take it through the process to create the best quality wines. FireWorks frequents the Clare Valley to get amoungst the team and the crops which is vital when it comes to telling the story behind Kirrihill Winery and the people.